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inquisitivebibliophile - It’s L’Oreal Technique Excellence HiColor Highlights for Dark Hair. I am trying to decide between Light Auburn or Copper. I gotta see them in the store first though.

lacquerandcandy replied to your post “inquisitivebibliophile - It’s L’Oreal Technique Excellence HiColor…”

put the swatches on your forearm boo, inner forearm to see if you like the color

lacquerandcandy - Gonna do that. Thanks for all the info. You’ve been such a great help, SW :-)

  • My hair is straight and I feel odd. This isn’t the norm anymore. I don’t know how long this will last. Oh but I’m gotta go grab that dye Reese put me up on.
  • My left eye has been jumping for hours. I can’t remember what that means. I just want it to stop.
  • I changed my profile pic on FB and it brought some folks to my inbox. *rolls eyes hard* Listen, I am not advertising or accepting applications. Some men do the absolute most with the very least smdh.
  • Then, I saw that post that said “so when we gon chill” by a dude who wants to fuck & it was one of the messages in my FB inbox. My immediate response out loud to it was the Belly Tommy Bunz response “never muthafucka.” Lol, I still quote Belly weekly.
  • This weekend was good, so very very good. There aren’t enough words.
  • Not for nothing “fine as fuck” will forever be a dope compliment. Just fyi.
  • I am laying on the floor. I cannot get up. So, I’m here for the duration.
  • Oh, I’m supposed to be blogging. Am I? Nah. What am I doing? Playing on Tumblr because I’m a procrastinator. Happy Monday night.
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